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7 advantages of visiting Lake Como riding a motorbike (especially a Guzzi)

If you choose to ride Lake Como by motorbike, you have at least 7 advantages compares to all the other ways. That's why Lake Como Motorbike is so enjoyable. Just riding a bike you can really breath the soul of the lake. On every road, around every corner, you can really feel the taste of the lake Just riding a bike you can smell every single flower and every single garden. The whole lake is surrounded by beautiful villas with botanic gardens and exquisite parks. Just riding a bike you can make the whole lap of the lake. If you are a good rider and your joy is having a bike between the legs, that's what you need: a Guzzi, a helmet and a day in front of you. Just riding a bike you can stop eve

Sometimes you can become very famous with Lake Como Motorbike

Sometimes it could happen that some Lake Como Motorbike's friend become very famous in Como. As it happened to Tim and Toula, starring in the Como's magazine "Mag". Congratulation and thanks to Nic, the journalist who came with us that beautiful day of July.

There's no rain which can stop these amazing guys

Though the rain, Maha and Alex came with me in a really nice trip around the South part of Lake Como. We started with a good breakfast at Roby and Anna and then we went up the lake, through Cernobbio, Laglio (Clooney's house), Argegno, Tremezzo and Menaggio. Then we took the ferry to Bellagio and we rode down toward Como along a peaceful and spectaular road. Alex, who tried my Ducati, is a great rider: reliable, safe and agile. Maha, such a nice girl, was the "official photographer" of the group and she took lots of pictures. I'm waiting for them to do a sunny trip, even if the rainy one was just beautiful with them. It's all about their: a really nice couple, so kind and simple. Thank you g

The 7 things you have to avoid or you have to do when you are at Lake Como, if you really like Georg

These are the 7 things you have to avoid or you have to do when you are at Lake Como, if you really like George Clooney. 1) Don't stay the whole day below his house in Laglio. He can see everything from his windows and It makes him so nervous. And you risk a fee. 2) Don't try to ring his house's bell. He never opens the door. It's much probable that will be a dog opening the door. 3) Don't think that if you have an Harley-Davidson you are automatically one of his old friends. He loves every kind of bike. 4) If you pass through Laglio, try to stop at the churc basketball court. Maybe George is there, playing a little with his ball. 5) Before starting, go to a church and light a candle thinkin

Up the mountain toward Brunate

One of the great things to do when you ride around the lake with me is to get the top of Brunate by funicolare. It's a mix of a train and a cable car. Actually it goes on a railway. Climbing the mountain you can see, step by step, the whole city of Como below you. It's a nice and relaxing moment during the trip. Isn'it, Janet? #lakecomo #motorbike #trip #holiday #beauty

The 7 things to do if you want perfectly enjoy a trip with Lake Como Motorbike

If you really want to enjoy your trip with Lake Como Motorbike, you need to follow this seven advices: 1) Bring your own motorbike licence. That's definetly needed. 2) Ride safety. I'm not jocking 3) Choose a Moto Guzzi which fit your skills and your shape. We have Guzzi for every taste, from the more agile like the V7 to the huge California 1400. 4) If you are not able to ride a motorcycle, no worries. You can enjoy the trip with us and spend a perfect day on our bike. 5) You're starting a trip, not a race. So, take your time and think just about the landscapes, the beautiful roads and everything you can meet during the day. 6) Mauro is a friend who's riding with you. Don't hesitate to ask

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