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It's slowly getting better. And I have a new recipe for you.

My dear friends, here I am with my third newsletter. I hope all of you are doing well. I know that almost all of you are fronting the first lockdown in your Countries. Somewhere is harder, somewhere is lighter. What I can tell you is that, though is not easy at all, staying at home is the best way to fight the virus. In Lombardia, the most hurted region in the world, the curve of the infection is slowly going down. Apparently the cases are still increasing, but the reality is that they are now testing much more people. The pressure on the hospitals is getting a bit less heavy and the general situation looks a bit better every day. They say the peak is still supposed to arrive, b

This is my newsletter number 2. With a special recipe

My dear friends, as I promised, here we are with my second weekly newsletter from Lake Como. While I’m writing, my mood is torn, because I’ve received two news in the last 5 minutes: a friend of mine who’s became mother and another friend who lost his wife. The circle of life, they say. The situation here is still quite complicate, I mean in Lombardia. Yesterday we overtook China in terms of total deaths in Italy. The main reason of that is sad and simple: in Italy the 23% of the population is over 65, in China the percentage is the 12%. The Como Province is still one of the best, but yesterday the new infected were 52 (the average of the last week was 30 new infected/day). That means that t

We Will Win the virus. And We Will Ride Again

Let's stay in touch, my friends... Hello my friends, it’s a tough moment all over the world, we all know it. I really hope that all of you is well and that all your families are safe. I’m good and the same about my family. In these singular days, when our daily life is changing so much, I thought that open a new channel with all of you could be a nice way to front the situation without falling in a bad mood but, viceversa, sharing our good energies to pass through these weeks. I’ll try to communicate with you using my poor English, trying to not make the conversation too banal. I apologize in advance for all my mistakes and limits. I would like to tell you, maybe weekly, how

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