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Spring's just around the corner. And the bikes are warming up

We actually haven't seen the Winter this year. Just a fiew days under zero (but only during the night) and so much sun (maybe too much).

In any case, the Spring is in front of us and we are so excited to start a new adventurous season.

Lake Como is getting every year better and better. Stars are coming from all over the world (singers, actors, business men, stylists, artists) and the Lake Como fame is growing a lot.

With Lake Como Motorbike you will be able to see everything about that, but also to discover something that only a real local can show you: something less touristy and more genuine, something less crowed and more enjoyable, in a word: something unique.

Around the lake or up to the Alps, Lake Como Motorbike is able to give you a special day (or more) where you will only have to be relaxed and free, with the accurate assistance by Mauro.

Send me an e-mail or call me, I'll be more than happy to set your special Lake Como adventure.



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