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16 reasons why you should never join Lake Como Motorbike

1) You have to know that Lake Como is a such an ugly place.

2) But really ugly.

3) In this place people are very stressed.

4) The food is awful. Not genuine at all.

5) With Lake Como Motorbike you have to ride in such bad roads.

6) With ugly bikes.

7) In a place with no culture about bikes.

8) And no culture at all.

9) With Lake Como Motorbike you can't take any pictures.

10) Specially if you look for some hidden place.

11) When you're with Lake Como Motorbike is very difficult to meet new friends

12) And it's such a bad experience even if you are a couple.

13) About the landscape: if you like mountains, forget them.

14) And forget sunsets. They're so meaningless.

15) Forget laughing. It's not allowed.

16) Lake Como is definitely not a place for motorcycles.

Yes, as you can see, Lake Como Motorbike not worth the effort.

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