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They are here. Who am i talking about? George and Amal, obviously

Finally they're arrived. George and Amal are in Villa Oleandra, at our beautiful Lake Como. The two guys were spotted on a romantic dinner at Villa D'Este (in Cernobbio) and they say they are thinking whether to marry in Laglio, or in another place with more privacy. We don't know where the wedding will be celebrated at the end, but we know that turning the bike around the lake these days we will not be surprised if behind a curve meet George and the nice Amal on the bike of the American star.

Hey Craig, what do you think about the whole tour of the lake? I'm ready to go mate!

- "Hey Craig, would you mind if we do the whole tour of the lake"? - "Well, I'm ready to ride, mate!". So, the trip day by the beautuful Guzzi V7 with Craig was simply perfect. From Mandello del Lario, where the Moto Guzzi was born, to Como. A little walk with the best coffee of Como at Anna and Roby and and bike and bike. Just a couple of steps, firstly at the George Clooney's villa in Laglio and secondly at the restaurant La Piazzetta in Argegno (delicious italian fresh pasta and half a glass of prosecco) before riding up the lake, through Giulino di Mezzegra (where Benito Mussolini is supposed to has been executed), then Tremezzo and Menaggio. It could have been enough, but we

A quick lunch break and we are ready to go...

When you are around the #lake, one of the great things to do is to have a break for a good, light lunch. So, our typical lunch table is in #Argegno, at La Piazzetta, where you can eat the best #Italianfood just in front of the lake. Nothing too heavy, to come back easily #riding, towards the head of the lake. In this picture we are Tim and me, ready to go, so happy for the beautiful day on our own bikes.

Meanwhile, someone is waiting for George Clooney

Apparently George Clooney is really coming from Usa. His villa is going to be opened soon and the people in Laglio is waiting for him. They say that probably he's going to get married in France (Cote d'Azur), but there is someone that's still persuaded he will stay around his lake to put the ring on his wife's finger. We don't know who is right. Meanwhile, someone is comfortably sit on a bench, with the patience of the wise, waiting for George to open his window and say hello to everibody.

The motorbike trip can boat. Welcome to Toula and Tim, from Sydney

That boat is docking at Mandello's imbarcadero. I'm there, waiting for someone. On the boat there are two guys from Sydney: Toula and Tim. It's the beginning of the day, the weather is beautiful and we are going to start. But, before taking the Guzzi V7, we need a good coffee in the little square just in fron of the mooring. Do you want to know how is the rest of the trip? Stay tuned ;-)

They say we have the best lake in the world. It could be...

The Huffington Post has written that Lake Como is the firts of the ten best lakes in the world. I think it really depends on the taste of the people. But i also know that Lake Como is raelly something special. Have a look at the photo of this post. It looks like a kind of an impressionist painting. Actually it's just one of the special corners we'll visit in our bike trips. I'll let you decide if Lake Como is really so beautiful. See you soon.

The bike is not just riding

You know what? One of the things I love most to do when I get back from a ride on the bike is simply relax with a drink, looking at the lake. There are many attraction places on Lake Como where it's really nice to leave the bike and sit on the shore, sipping a Spritz. One of these is definitely Pescallo, with its private beach and its tranquil square (photo). With the summer season, before the aperitive, I also love have a fresh swim. That's a day in the bike too. It's not just riding. It's also stopping, staying a little in silence and surrender to these wonderful places.

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