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When you ride with a team, it's everything much better

Riding to the Maloja pass is always something special, something challenging and unique. It's a tour for quite expert riders and my team with Kathy, Stan, Anthony and Gwane was actually composed by really good riders. With our Ducatis and a great Guzzi Stelvio we climbed so much, till the 2200 mt osl of the Maloja pass and then through the 2450 mt OSL of the Bernina pass. What a day. What a great joy riding those beautiful roads, with the snow alla around us.

At the Italian Balcony with Mark and Nichole

If the weather is warm and the sky's clean, one of the best place to visit along our tour is the Monte Sighignola, which is called "The Italian Balcony". That's because once you get to the top you arrive right to a balcony which allows you to have a wide spectacular view on Lugano with his lake, the whole Alps chain and the Switzerland. Every time we go there, my riders are just stunned. Mark and Nichole, from US, with their great Guzzi V9, were so surprised to be in such a incredible spot. Trust me, after years I'm always surprised too.

The Fitzs, Simply Special People...

Shell and Glenn, Australian beautiful people who love riding and being comfortable on the bike. So they chose a great Moto Guzzi California 1400 to come with me. What a day, guys. A long trip, around the lake, visiting the less touristy places, in a special athmosphere. Then a special lunch at Federica's Home. Special time, actually. With special people. Hey guys, I'm waiting for you for another great tour. Thank you so much for the delightful experience you shared with me.

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