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Ducati, Benelli or Moto Guzzi: with Lake Como Motorbike you can't go wrong.

One of the best things of Lake Como Motorbike is the chance to ride different bikes of the best Italian brands. If you love Ducati, or Moto Guzzi, or Benelli (all of them historical Italian bikes brands) you have your perfect bike. And, of course, riding around the lake in group, is alway something really special.

There's no age for riding around Lake Como

Sometimes people ask me if there's a suggested age for coming with Lake Como Motorbike and riding around the lake. Well, take a look at this guys and you have the answer. Every tour is tailor made designed, according to the clients' needs and desires. You can ride up the hills, the mountains, or simply stay at the lake, enjoying easy roads and a relaxation ride. It's alway up to you, and I'll always happy to set the best tour, and the best day, based on your requests.

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