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I'm Learning A Lot With My Job. Thanks To People Like Ernesto And Bibi...

One of the most beautiful things of my tours is, you know, meeting interesting people who can really teach you everytime something new. Well, with Ernesto and his lovely wife Bibi (from Honduras) we spent a very very busy day, not just riding our bike (he's an expert rider) but even talking a lot about so many fields of the life. Yes, I'm learning a lot with my job and this is thanks to the fantastic people I'm meeting day by day. Thank you Ernesto and thank you Bibi for your friendship. Keep in touch.

From Austin a very nice "bike family"

No matter the age. No matter the kind of roads. No matter the traffic (you can always close your eyes if you are worried about it). The point is: this Texas family was born to ride a bike. All of them. And actually they were so comfortable in every single corner of our tour. Thank you John and thank you to your beautiful family.

The Biggest Group Ever Around Lake Como

The biggest group ever around Lake Como. You can see them at the pictures. We were four bikes, eight people from America and Australia. Great. What a big lunch at Federica's home and what a joy having all of them together. We did a long tour, up the mountains and at the lake (with a swim in a secret spot). We had fun and fun. Thank you to all of you guys.

When I Have More Than A Booking? It's A Party...

Sometimes I can have more than a booking in a single day. Everytime it happens it's a special day for me and for my guests. The day tour with Turk (from California), Sharron and her husband (from Australia) was just great. Three bikes around the lake in a sunny day (after a rainy early morning), a lunch at Federica's home with a lot of laughing and the final run to get the boat which was leaving from the Mandello's dock. So fun! Well, with those guys I spent such a great time. Really. Thank you so much to all of you.

Tim Is An Expert Rider. But The Next Time We Will Be In Three...

When I saw Tim I immediately though: "This is an expert rider". And he definetely is. He comes from U.S and usually rides a Harley, so the Guzzi V7 was easy and fun for him. He appreciated riding up the mountain above Menaggio and we had a yummy lunch at Federica's home. But the best moment was when we met his family at Bellagio. What a lovely people. The next time we probably will be in three, since his son is going to come with us. Thank you for coming, Tim. Big hug to all of you.

Take a Doctor and His Lovely Wife...

Take a doctor and his lovely wife from US. Take a Moto Guzzi V7 and Lake Como Motorbike. Take a lovely and genuine lunch at Federica's home. Put everything in a great day, full of sun and smiles. Mix them up very well and you will have the perfect day tour around Lake Como. Take a look at the pictures below. Look at the colors, the bright light. The faces. Yes, we were so lucky and happy. Thank you interesting and nice guys (Lizzie and Chris). I'll see you somewhere.

They Love Lavender. But Above All They Love Riding The Bike

What a nice couple, Darren and his lovely girlfriend. We did the whole lap of the lake and, passing through Menaggio, we found a little lavander street shop. Obviously we both bought something really really nice. They're from San Diego, kind and curious people. After many kilometers we were a bit tired but really happy. Thank you guys, see you the next time.

If You Are Nice, You Can Do Everything

Can you imagine to do a day tour on a bike wearing just a mini skirt and sandals? If you are a very very nice American girl, with a strong boyfriend with you and you're coming from Siattle, yes you can. So, the day with Jonathan and his lovely fiancee has been just perfect. We found one of the best Lake Como of the year: beautiful colors, beautiful temperature and smell of flowers everywhere. And, above all, one more time time such a nice people. Interesting and kind. Simply great. Thanks guys, see you soon.

From Sweden with a goal: riding and riding

When you are with an expert rider, and Anders, from Sweden, is a very expert one, you have to do just one thing: riding and riding and riding. So, we had a beautiful day, discovering the more enjoyable roads around the lake an up the mountains above it. With his Guzzi Stelvio Anders, with his lovely girlfriend on the back, followed me through nice scenaries, corner after corner, having a relaxation ride but also some good time where open a bit the throttle. With Anders we are thinking about a possible exchange with Sweden about the bike tours. Who knows, it could be a really good idea. Thank you guys for coming, I'll see you.

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