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Being An Artist Means Being a Rider

These guys are artists. But really they're. Mike writes music for movies, Julie is graphic designer and much more. In their previous life they has been something else. Something very different, but, in the end, their real attitude came out. Fortunately. Because they're so great in their artistic shoes. Thank you guys for the beautiful day together.

When Irony (Especially From Melbourne) Is So Welcome.

They are from Melbourne. Emma and Rebecca. They were staying at Villa D'este, the most glorious, beautiful, expensive hotel in the whole Italy. They are really really nice and, above all, they're so ironic (which is a great feature in my opinion). Well, with this ingredients the bike day had to be simply great. And it was. Simply perfect (except for the Emma's sunglasses Lol). Thank you girls for the special day together.

You can work in electricity business, but if you are a rocker you are always a rocker...

John Orth, from U.S, was coming from Paris, where he just got married. With his lovely wife he rented a beautiful California 1400 and we had a great time around the lake. He's a drummer, a rock drummer and is a great guy. Good conversation, lots of laugh. The menu of our day was just perfect. And what a rider. He rode his huge California as it wa a bicycle. Great!

Take a business man and a arts expert. You've the best...

Look at her bright smile. She's Amy, from Atlanta. And he's Kyle, her husband. Yes, husband, though they're both so young. What a nice couple. At lunch, when we were at Federica's home, they told us he's a business man and she's a manager in arts and culture. Different jobs, same being kind and sweet. We matched a beautiful day on the lake. With the red Guzzi V7 Amy and Kyle rode a lot of km with me. It was a long, great day. Sure. Based on the bike, the landscapes, good conversations, good food and the pleasure to stay together. Another experience I've to write in my special book. Thank you guys.

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