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7 advantages of visiting Lake Como riding a motorbike (especially a Guzzi)

If you choose to ride Lake Como by motorbike, you have at least 7 advantages compares to all the other ways. That's why Lake Como Motorbike is so enjoyable.

  1. Just riding a bike you can really breath the soul of the lake. On every road, around every corner, you can really feel the taste of the lake

  2. Just riding a bike you can smell every single flower and every single garden. The whole lake is surrounded by beautiful villas with botanic gardens and exquisite parks.

  3. Just riding a bike you can make the whole lap of the lake. If you are a good rider and your joy is having a bike between the legs, that's what you need: a Guzzi, a helmet and a day in front of you.

  4. Just riding a bike you can stop everywhere along the road. Do you need a swim? Leave the bike beside the road and jump in the water. Are you thirsty? That's a nice bar. Are you hungry? Mmmm...a pizza or something more?

  5. Just riding a bike you can observe things you couldn't see in another way. Up the hills, through narrow streets, in secret places, with a bike you can arrive everywhere.

  6. Just riding a bike you can be so lucky to meet George (obviously Clooney) along the road. We met him several times.

  7. Just riding a bike you are really, but really, free. The freedom a bike can give you has nothing similar in the world.

So, come on, join us with

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