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We Will Win the virus. And We Will Ride Again

Let's stay in touch, my friends...

Lake Como Motorbike

Hello my friends, it’s a tough moment all over the world, we all know it. I really hope that all of you is well and that all your families are safe. I’m good and the same about my family. In these singular days, when our daily life is changing so much, I thought that open a new channel with all of you could be a nice way to front the situation without falling in a bad mood but, viceversa, sharing our good energies to pass through these weeks. I’ll try to communicate with you using my poor English, trying to not make the conversation too banal. I apologize in advance for all my mistakes and limits. I would like to tell you, maybe weekly, how our life’s going around here. The Lake Como we lived together riding a motorbike is getting now quite different, actually completly different, but I can say that’s still beautiful and peacefull, like when we were together. Today this is the local situation: in Lombardia (our region) we have 8.725 positive cases. It’s the worse region in Italy. The worse province is Bergamo, with 2136 cases. Como is still one of the best, with “only” 98 cases (the day before they were 77). We unfortunately had three deaths (all of them over 70 y.o with some previous health problems) Since a couple of days, Lomabardia is declared VERY RED ZONE, which means that all the activities, all the shops (food shops, farmacies and primary services excluded) have to be closed and the people is strongly invited to stay at home. This new prescription is valid till the next 25th of March. Then, the experts will check the infection trend and the govern will decide if keep going with the limitation or not. That means the I’m living my whole day in my house, from where, fortunately, I can look at the lake through my windows. I’m working at my computer, doing some web marketing and communication for my clients, studing and joing some advanced on line classes about web, marketing and communication. I love reading, so I can do that. I think this is the best way to invest my spare time. Of course I’m a bit afraid, but I really think that in the end of this adventure we will be able to deeply appreciate what we are doing in this little world (how little is it in front of this kind of problems?). But, I don’t want to bore you with too many words. I hope that this my letter could be appreciated and I’ll be more than happy to hear something from you. Don’t hesitate to reply me whenever you want. Every week I’ll random put in this newsletter some pictures of us. I hope you all agree. If someone don't agree with it, just tell me and I'll avoid to use your picture. Sharing our best moments is a way to remind to all of us how precious is our happiness, a gift that we need to protect. Let’s keep in touch. Thank you and talk soon. Mauro

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