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The 2022's Ducati Fleet is coming soon. LakeComoMotorbike is looking forward to ride again

Like every year, there are many new Ducati models that we are looking forward to.

Probably the most awaited is the beautiful enduro with a Dakarian flavor named Desert X.

An incredibly beautiful bike, very reminiscent of the legendary Ducati-powered Cagiva that won the Dakar in the 90s.

But, in addition to this fabulous enduro, there are also good news in the road department.

Foe example the Multistrada V2, heir to the 950, even lighter, leaner and more driveable than in the past.

Or like the new Scrambler (800 and 1100) which with their vintage colors are simply beautiful.

For the more sporty, then, the Streetfighter V2 and the new Panigale V4 are simply feast for the eyes.

Obviously, all this without mentioning the Multistrada V4, a real Ducati flagship, with the Pikes Peak model giving a touch of further sportiness to the range.

In short, there is something great for everyone.

But, what will be the models that LakeComoMotorbike will include in its fleet for 2022?

Stay tuned and you will know soon.


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