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A great ragù and the idea of a voucher for you

Hello my friends, Here we are with my newsletter from Lake Como. I have some news for you today. First of all, the situation here is getting better and we have the center and the South of the Country which are going quite well. Some more problems for the Lombardia, which is the most densed and populated region and is the slowest with the decreasing of the the infection. Said that, the 4th of May we will be able to start again, step by step, our life. We will allowed to go out, with masks and gloves, and do single sports (like my beloved cycling). Yes, we will be able to ride the bikes as well, within the region borders for at least one month. I have to admit that in Lombardia w


Hi my friends, with my fifth newsletter I just wanted to wish you a serene Easter in this complicated time. The situation is getting better in Italy and in Lombardia. I have to say that Como is not particulary well performing as decreasing of the infections, but that’s because we have some residences for the elderly that have been affected by the virus. This is a big problem, all over the Lombardia. The sun is bright on Como and we are feeling the Spring around us, even if we are still not allowed to exit. They extended the lockdown till the 4th of May, but I’m afraid it won’t be enough. Said that, I'm well and in a good spirit. I’m still working in my communication job and I’m trying to kee

What a great gift is having you as friends. Today, penne all'arrabbiata for you

My dear friends, this is my newsletter number four, I’m still strong and safe and the spiriti is good. I hope that all off you are well, even if I know that everyone is struglling with the lockdown (in different ways, according to the government rules). In Italy it seems that the curve is going flat, so that means that probably we are starting with the decrease of the infection. Unfortunately they say that the lockdown must stay active for a long time more. Today they were talking about the 14th of Maya s probable day for the start of the Phase 2. That’s necessasry to limit the risk of a recidive. So, it seems that we need to keep patient and stay home. I have to say that is getting harder e

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