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The 7 things to do if you want perfectly enjoy a trip with Lake Como Motorbike

If you really want to enjoy your trip with Lake Como Motorbike, you need to follow this seven advices:

1) Bring your own motorbike licence. That's definetly needed.

2) Ride safety. I'm not jocking

3) Choose a Moto Guzzi which fit your skills and your shape. We have Guzzi for every taste, from the more agile like the V7 to the huge California 1400.

4) If you are not able to ride a motorcycle, no worries. You can enjoy the trip with us and spend a perfect day on our bike.

5) You're starting a trip, not a race. So, take your time and think just about the landscapes, the beautiful roads and everything you can meet during the day.

6) Mauro is a friend who's riding with you. Don't hesitate to ask everything you need. You want to stop, we'll stop. You need to eat, we'll eat. You want to ride, let's go.

7) The end of the journey is the journey itself. Enjoy every single corner, every moment. That's the magic of the lake.

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