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A Great Rider and a Nice Girl From Washington DC

When I met Chris I firstly asked him: "Hi Chris, how are you? Are you an expert rider or a rookie"?

And Chris: "Hi Mauro, let me show you a picture".

Well, do you know what? He showed me a guy on a bike, a great "gixer" riding a Suzuki GSX 1000 in the middle of a corner, with a knee sliding on the track and he was him.

That's why i've been so happy to give him my Multi and take his Guzzi V7.

Although the weather wasn't so great, we spent a really nice day together. I'm talking about Chris, but even about his wife: the lovely Tiffany, of course.

Lots of kilometers, up and down the lake, up and down the mountains, always safe and enjoying the lanscapes. A quick lunch at Federica's home and go. What a nice day.

Even this time I can say I've been so lucky to have knew such a kind and happy people.

Thank you guys and see you soon.

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