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7 good reasons to get Lake Como Motorbike in couple

Having a trip with Lake Como Motorbike around lake Como is always a great experience, trust us. It's great if you are alone, but it can be really lovely even in couple.

That's becouse Lake Como Motorbike is a really complete package, with the joy of riding a motorbike, but also with lovely opportunities for everybody.

Below you have 7 good reasons to get our packages in couple.

1) If you are in holiday with your partner, there's nothing better than share a motorbike trip with someone. Enjoying the road in two, if you are in love, is almost the best experience in the world :-)

2) A bike trip in two allows you to chat during the trip. Our trips are relaxing and quite slow, so there's the possibility to talk each other on the bike.

3) When, in the couple, you are riding, the other one can easily take photos and enjoy avery single corner around the lake.

4) If, for some reason, you decide to not do a trip, Pescallo (and Bellagio in general) is so lovely that you can stay at your accommodation, enjoying the lake and the village, swimming, doing shopping or something like this, or waiting for the cooking session with our Federica Camperi.

6) If you are in three couples you have a very special discount on the Peascallo's packages. A really special prize!

7) If you are in love each other, you'll never forget your holiday with Lake Como Motorbike. Never. Trust us.

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