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The long, beautiful day with Toula and Tim

One of the firts beautiful steps of our trip was Como, the capital of the province.

With its 87 thousand people, Como is the main city of our district, because of that, actually, the lake is named Lake Como.

Once we had parked the bikes belove the huge medioeval tower at the entrance of the city (maybe i should call it just town), Tim, Toula and me we had a lovely walk, talking about lots of things.

We had a good coffe in Piazza Mazzini, at Anna and Robi, some sights around and a visit to the beautiful Villa Olmo (behind Toula and Tim in the photo). Villa Olmo is a neoclassical villa, with the typical Italian garden, which now is a kind of public art gallery. In this villa they actually set up every year big expositions.

But the Como's step was just the first of our long trip.

Stay tuned to know the rest of the story...

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