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I tell you something about the real Clooney. (And not the star)

This is Villa Oleandra, the Clooney's house at Lake Como. Of course it's a beautiful villa, but it's not too pretentious, too big, it is not Kitich at all. Simple and nice. Exactly like George Clooney: a simple and nice person, who you can find playing in the church's little basketball court, or riding his motorbike, or drinking something in one of the little bars around the lake.

Once, i was having a drink at one of those bars and he was just beside me. He was very kind with everyone e before coming back to his bike he said hello with his wide white smile. Like he was one of them, one of the village. Actually, Clooney has become one of the village in lots of villages of the lake. It's not rare to meeting him around and chatting a little with him.

So, June is usually the favourite month for the George's lake holidays.

Come with me, if you are lucky you will meet him somewhere around Lake Como.

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