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A Great Day With Audra the Welsh Girl

Do you know the difference between "sensible" and "sensitive"? And what's the best word to use if you are talking about a village: "rough" or "rustic"?

With my friend Audra, from Uk, Welch, i learned a lot of new important things about English.

Obviously it's not been a class, but a wonderful day by bike with her.

Audra was staying in Bellagio and i picked her up with my Multistrada. We had a great day, just after a really rainy day. The sun was with us and our tour around Lake Como was simply amazing.

What a nice lunch at Federica's home and how much laughing all together.

We talked a lot, about every field of our life, as we knew each other since ages.

That's why I love my job: meeting every time interesting people.

I'm so lucky.

Thank you Audra, thank you all.

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