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Lake Como Motorbike

The best way to live Lake Como 


Rent a motorcycle and join me around Lake Como and up the Alps

You can choose between the Lake Tour or the Alps tour (or try both of them). 

The Lake Tour is a relaxing trip around the lake which takes about 6 hours (110 km), whom four on the bike. 

The Alps tour is a bit more challenging and takes about 8 hours (320 km), whom six and half on the bike.

Choose your Ducati

To join your best tour you can have a beautiful Ducati Multistrada.

The best comfort with the best technology and the real Italian Style.

Try the top level Ducati bikes and live the emotion of riding some of the best bikes in the world.

Follow me on Instagram @miglietto_lakecomomotorbike

Ride the best roads and discover the hidden corners
that only a real local can show you

The Lake Como Motorbike day is something unique, where you can discover the spots and the places that only someone born and rise in Como can show you.



Stunning viewes



Mauro Migliavada 


PH: +39 3494277542 (TXT or Whatsapp please)

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