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Three friends and something more

Lake Como Motorbike was born from the love for Como of three good friends: Mauro, Valentina and Federica. Long before the creation of this project, two keywords have influenced their lives and decisions: simplicity and beauty. They understand and feel that in every part of the world, in every field of life, from art to food, design and literature, most often simplicity is synonymous with beauty.   


So, they decided to share their resources and talents and create a new world class adventure which reflected their own loves and tastes. In this way, directing their sensitivity for all things of quality, simplicity and beauty, they have designed this holiday for you, the tourist and traveller who also recognises the good things in life and travel.  


"Mauro, we could not be more grateful for the awesome day you showed us around your amazing lake! A day full of incredible sights, beautiful scenery, lovely riding conditions & great professional and friendly company. We will always remember our motorbike experience of the lake & will be back for another ride with you again soon!


Tim and Tolua, Sydney, Australia


The Team
Mauro Migliavada
The lake man


Mauro Migliavada is born and bred Como. He is 43 years old and got his first motorbike when he was 12 years old, starting a lifelong love affair with the freedom and closeness to nature that is offered by this style of travel.


His other passion is writing and, after a very successful career in journalism in which he used to be editor-in-chief for a local newspaper, he decided for a new way of lifewhere he could share his stories and knowledge for the lake area he loves with new friends. He knows the roads around Lake Como like the back of his hand and the ways of the life on the road like his own soul.


You could say it is his destiny to take to the bike and ride the roads as his name,Migliavada, literally means "to go or travel for miles". And so it is.  Mauro will be your guide and your host and will make sure this is a first class experience that you will remember for a long time.

Valentina Binda
Chief Executive


Her story began in March 1980 when she was born in Como.  After graduating in Italian Modern Literature she started working in tourism in 2005, as assistant to several tour operators.  


In 2007 she achieved, through exams issued by Region Lombardy, the certified authorization to be a tourist guide of Como and surrounding area, and one year later also the license as tour escort.


From 2011 she made the big jump, and is currently employed as Chief Executive Officer by KARIS EVENTS tour operator and has realised her dream.  She designes, organizes, and leads KARIS cultural groups all over Italy and Europe.


For her, working with people and helping them to encounter and appreciate beauty in its many forms is simply lovely.

Just perfect, for LakeComoMotorbike.

Federica Camperi
Professional Chef


Federica is an award-winning chef. After achieving her certificate from the 

Gambero Rosso high kitchen, taking a few laps in the kitchens of renowned and popular localrestaurants, she decided that cooking at homeis most authentic and most complete way for her when working with food. 


Federica cooks to tailored menus, concocting creative dishes, designed to satisfy even the most delicate and fussy of customers. Everything is cooked with passion and care. She'll take care of all your culinary desires as she will personally select the ingredients from the market, set the table and put herself in the kitchen.


Every occasion has its perfect home-style atmosphere, from the aperitif - standing with friends to the sit-down dinner. In the Exclusive Pescallo 

accommodation option you will be able to learn something about Federica's cooking secrets.

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